01 Dec

Bose announce ‘music in education’ programme

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Bose has announced a “music in education” programme which is so interesting, so engaging, so entertaining that it reaches out and grabs the imagination. Imagine a programme that merges the teaching of the UK National curriculum; maths, science and music so powerfully that each discipline comes alive with new meaning. A programme so compelling that it reaches students of diverse interests and backgrounds. A programme that brings music to life, and brings life to music.

That’s what Bose imagined when they created the IN HARMONY WITH EDUCATION® programme, a programme designed to demonstrate our commitment to helping turn the students of today into the innovators of tomorrow.

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The IN HARMONY WITH EDUCATION® programme has been a great success with students, teachers and administrators in schools throughout the world with over 328,000 students participating from Canada, England, Ireland, Singapore and the United States. The programme has been running in the UK for 3 years with many schools involved.