Plasma and LCD TV wall mounting

PVS offers a specialist TV wall mounting installation service for plasma and LCD screens.

If your plan is to site your TV on a wall or chimney breast, there can be many factors to take into account. These may include sourcing the correct bracket for your TV, selecting your desired bracket’s tilt and swivel movements and fixing your TV bracket correctly, depending on the type of wall.

Dot and dab walls and plasterboard walls can present particular issues, as can older types of brick and plasterwork. Additionally, modern TVs can require a sound bar, external PVR or Blu-ray.

In all cases, to eliminate any risk of damage or injury from a wall-mounted TV, it is critically important to install it properly and professionally on a suitable wall surface.

Your PVS Installer will assess the wall where you wish to site your flat screen TV, and then carefully fit the TV bracket so it is safe and secure, ready to receive your TV.

To arrange your flat screen TV wall mounting assessment, contact PVS on 01733 328888