Customised home entertainment and TV installations

PVS offers a complete plan, design and build solution for all types of home entertainment and AV products, from a simple wall-mounted TV to complex multi-room audio and home cinema systems. The earlier you can involve us in your home entertainment and TV installation process, the better.

This is ideally in the design phase before plastering and painting have been completed so that wires can be ducted, channelled or hidden in plasterwork or stud walls.

For example, if your plan is to install a new multi-room audio system as part of a new-build or home renovation, we can liaise with you, your architect or interior designer to design and plan a completely integrated wire-free system.

Likewise, if your plan is to install your audio system into your existing living space, our team can design and install a solution.

Following a site survey, our experts will design your home entertainment solution around your requirements, and on approval from you, will install it.

As well as complex home entertainment systems we can also install a TV wall mount with hidden wiring or trunking. No job is too big or too small for us.

As part of our service, our experienced installers will demonstrate how to get the best from your new in-home entertainment system.

We are always here to help. If you already have your home entertainment system but are unable to link it up properly or want to know how to get the best use of it, please contact us.

To discuss your home entertainment and TV installation contact PVS on 01733 328888